Tom O'Rourke

Don’t hide, or lose, your estate!

One of the best things anyone can do for loved ones left behind is to make official plans for how you want your estate to be handled.

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head shot of Tom O'Rourke

Are you close to being a TSP millionaire?

Are you a TSP millionaire? If not, what steps can you take to maximize your retirement benefits? Find out this week when Tom O’Rourke, principal at Miles…

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Are you approaching millionaire territory?

Whether you get a pay raise or not next January, chances are you are worth more than you think — literally.

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Golden nest egg concept for retirement savings

How long can the TSP’s bull market last?

Many experts say that the current bull market began in March 2009 and if it lasts through this month it will be the longest in history. Others say it didn’t start until much, much later.

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