Obama team set to begin agency-by-agency reviews

President-elect Barack Obama offered more details into his transition team.

After naming his senior staff Wednesday, Obama named several key players who will work on agency transitions.

In a release obtained by FederalNewsRadio, the transition team includes Donald Gips and Melody Barnes, who will be conducting agency-by-agency reviews to identify budget issues, administrative problems and policy priorities.

When the reviews are completed, each agency head will receive a written report.

Rand Beers is the Homeland Security Department’s transition advisor. Beers also will work closely with the House and Senate homeland security committees. Beers is a former Reagan, Bush I and Clinton appointee working on terrorism and narcotics issues.

David Hayes will lead the Interior Department Environmental Protection Agency and Energy Department transition efforts. Hayes is a former deputy secretary for Interior under President Clinton.

The document says the shortlist of Energy secretaries includes:

  • General David Jones
  • Jim Rogers, Duke CEO,
  • Fred Smith, Fed Ex CEO
  • Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (Calif.)
  • Gov. Ed Rendell (Penn.)
  • Gov. Kathleen Siebelius (Kan.)
  • Federico Pena, former Clinton Secretary of Transportation,
  • Dan Reicher, former Clinton assistant secretary at Energy.

Henry Rivera will lead the Federal Communication Commission’s transition effort. Rivera worked at the FCC from 1981 to 1985 under former chairman Mark Fowler.

Cassandra Butts, transition general counsel, and Michael Froman will work together on sub-cabinet personnel issues, including diversity and vetting ethical conflicts.

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