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This content is provided by Kinetica.

This content is provided by Kinetica.

At the heart of almost any government initiative is data. Government agencies that are able to build smart, data-powered applications that help them fulfill their mission will be the best positioned to succeed in our digital future.

“Government organizations have access to more interesting, valuable, high-fidelity data streams than almost any private organization,” Nima Negahban, co-founder and chief technology officer at Kinetica, said during the discussion “Active Analytics for Government and Public Sector,” sponsored by Kinetica. “Once we are able to show development teams, analyst teams, executive teams the value we can bring in the art of the possible, that’s when things get really exciting and, we are able to provide additional capability and value.”

Creative applications of analytics are not limited to traditional systems. The rise of edge computing is creating new opportunities for intelligent applications that can help operators in the field.

“We were purposefully built to be able to handle edge computing,” said Jeff Kennedy, federal sales director at Kinetica. “Deploying Kinetica everywhere is our mindset.”

The versatility to run powerful analytics in disconnected settings where users can’t connect to clouds or data centers can be valuable in scenarios like helping warfighters, tracking rolling assets, and assisting in disaster response.

“Kinetica has an ability to run on alternative processors that are meant for edge and smaller footprint hardware. We have a tremendous set of offerings for those scenarios,” said Nima.

The digital environment also comes with threats and as the volume of cyberattacks continues to grow, traditional solutions are reaching their limits. Modern, active analytical platforms that are able to consume massive streaming cyber data and aid analysts in identifying threats in real-time will prove key as governments battle state sponsored hackers and other bad actors.

“Kinetica is purpose built for cybersecurity because of our ability to consume and capture data at scale and then do complex analysis quickly so you can actually derive the value from it,” said Nima.

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