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AI and automation are not just for the experts

In this interview with Federal News Network’s Tom Temin, KPMG's Kirke Everson describes the three levels of RPA maturity and how to achieve them, and he descr...

Federal agencies have been experimenting with – dipping a toe in, so to speak – robotic process automation (RPA) for a while now. Now the concept of applying automation equipped with the capability to adapt and learn has a fresh impetus. The President’s Management Agenda calls for modernizing IT process and deploying more digital services. It also calls for upskilling the federal workforce to do higher level work, while tools like RPA take over the routine tasks.

That’s according to Kirke Everson, principal and government intelligent automation leader at KPMG. In this interview with Federal News Network’s Tom Temin, Everson describes the three levels of intelligent automation maturity and how to achieve them, and he describes AI and automation use cases for internal deployment and for public services. He also discusses the need for workforce training and reskilling so programs and bureaus can take on their own projects in conjunction with IT staff.


Matching use case and technology

When you get into the advanced realm where you’ve got machine learning as well as the true neural networks, where you’re actually having the computer develop its own intelligence over time …. that’s where you’re getting into that augmented reality and AI realm.


Workforce Training

Success means training people not only how to do their jobs with these new technologies but also upskilling to better arm our workforce with the new tools and techniques to be able to then implement [RPA] on their own.


Acquisition and Requirements

We can automate bad processes all we want. But maybe we take this opportunity to actually reengineer that process.

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