The End Is Near…

The end is near, and in this case that\'s a good thing. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey talks about the political fatigue factor that has hit a lot of feds.

I don’t know about you, but I will be sooooo glad when this election is over. That could be as early as late tonight. Or it could be months from now depending on legal challenges, charges of voter fraud, etc. In which case, hemlock anyone?

I have a fair number of friends, but over the past few weeks, including as late as 9 p.m. Sunday night, my phone was ringing off the hook. The callers were from my new best friends who wanted me to vote for their candidate.

The vast majority of the calls were from people wanting to know if I was going to vote, wanting to know who I was going to vote for and/or wanting to know if I needed a ride to the polls, or did I have any cash laying around the house that I could send their candidate. Many of the calls were recorded. I hung up before hearing their message. A couple were human beings. I talked to them and lied like a dog. I told the pollsters the opposite of what I was going to do. I told one volunteer, in my best senior citizen voice, that I was leaning to Stevenson over Eisenhower even though I liked IKE. I asked another who was runnin’? I said there hadn’t been anything on the news or in the papers about the candidates, and what could she tell me? I said I had all night. Both of the callers couldn’t wait to get me off the phone. As if I had called them and was bothering them at night.

I liked that.

And apparently I am not alone.

Check out some of the e-mails on the subject:

  • “Is anyone else out there sick of being ‘invaded’ by misguided political enthusiasts? I’ve had enough. I am about ready to rescind my voter registration.

    “I received 23 phone calls this past weekend. Ten of them on Sunday. Both parties are equally guilty. I have been a registered voter since I was 18 (more years than I will divulge). This election is the first time that I feel the parties have gone too far with the phone calls. They use automated dialers so even people with unpublished or private numbers get called. I feel like I am actually being harassed in my own home.

    “I have spoken to several of my coworkers and friends and they also come home to an answering machine or voicemail full of political messages. My caller ID registers many more that hung up without leaving a message. As a voter, I am entitled to some privacy and peace in my own home. How many others feel this way?” D.C.

  • “I thought it was illegal to do partisan political campaigning in a federal building. Apparently that doesn’t apply to my postal facility. The bulletin boards are covered with union literature urging people to vote for a particular candidate. This is a back-door violation of the Hatch Act.” R.G.

    And The Winner Is…

    Folks who attended the Oct. 27th luncheon of the Council of Former Federal Employees got a sneak preview of who is going to be our next President. The guest speaker, American University professor Allan Lichtman has a good record of predicting presidential elections based on a 13 point mathematical model. He’s author of The Thirteen Keys to the Presidency and The Keys to the White House.

    Lichtman makes his predictions months before the pollsters, and uses a system that looks at election data from 1860 through 1980.

    Oh, the winner? If you can’t wait, you can click here, or we’ll tell you tomorrow whether his system worked or not.

    Nearly Useless Factoid

    Franklin D. Roosevelt had the most peculiar Presidential limousine. His first armour-plated car was siezed from gangster Al Capone by the US Treasury.

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