Gigi Schumm

  • Opportunity calls: It’s time to say ‘yes’

    Maria Vargas, director of the Better Buildings Challenge at the Energy Department, joined Women of Washington to promote energy efficiency across organizations and government, and share her advice on seizing opportunities in life that push you to be stronger, better in your career.

  • Federal social worker mends lives, one veteran at a time

    Lisa Pape, deputy chief patient care services officer at the Veterans Health Administration, joined Women of Washington to discuss her career dedicated to helping veterans transition back into society.

  • Novelist, int’l security specialist: Follow your passion wherever it leads

    Gigi Schumm welcomes Kathleen McInnis, an international security specialist at the Congressional Research Service — where she works to help Congress address national security and defense strategy issues.

  • Success: It’s all in the curated data

    From math workbooks to computer systems for the top markets in the nation, Accenture Technology’s Annette Rippert joined Women of Washington to talk the important of data scientists and believing in your own abilities.

  • Labor Department a champion for women’s workplace rights

    Tiffany Boiman, director of office and policy programs at the Labor Department’s Women’s Bureau, joined Women of Washington to discuss her career path and the department’s continuing efforts to close the gender gap in the workforce and beyond.

  • SBA office helps launch businesses one woman at a time

    Kathleen McShane, who oversees the Small Business Administration’s Women’s Business Centers, enjoys mentoring women and encouraging them to take the next steps to launch their businesses.

  • Maintaining the right ecosystem for success

    Melanie Corcoran-Freelander, chief technology officer at Ursa Space Systems, said her secret for success hits very close to home: Strong support system.

  • US treasurer an agent for change

    U.S. Treasurer Jovita Carranza joined Women of Washington to talk about resilience, building a strong community of supporters and expanding your comfort zone.

  • Ask for forgiveness, not permission

    Lookout’s Vijaya Kaza joined Gigi Schumm on Women of Washington to discuss why women shouldn’t let labels define their success as individuals

  • NGA paving the way for women in leadership

    NGA is leading the way in terms of female leadership. Three executives joined Women of Washington to talk about what the agency is doing right.