• With new legal authority, Pentagon says it’s turned corner on enterprise IT

    Senior Defense IT officials said 2019 will be a year of action as they order a halt to legacy, one-off IT solutions.

  • DoD CIO Terry Halvorsen to retire at end of February

    Terry Halvorsen, who has been the Defense Department’s chief information officer since the summer of 2014, said Wednesday that he will retire from government service on Feb. 28, but that the department’s current IT policies and priorities are unlikely to undergo significant changes during the transition to a new administration.

  • Congress, Pentagon IG apply new scrutiny to $1.6 billion cybersecurity program

    A major Defense Department initiative to protect the military services’ computer networks with a shared system of regionalized cybersecurity centers will face new scrutiny in 2017, both from Congress and from the department’s inspector general.

  • Army sets award date for unified capabilities

    The Army is sticking to its word on a late 2016 request for proposals on unified capabilities.

  • JIE: ‘Building the Fort Knox of Network Security’

    Over the next three years, the military will deploy a series of sophisticated gateways to better protect its vast network from external attack, according to Army Col. Scott Jackson, who oversees construction of the Joint Informational Environment or JIE.

  • A return to sequestration would set back DoD network modernization by years

    Defense technology officials told House lawmakers that progress toward a Joint Information Environment would be delayed by two-to-three years if budget caps remain in place.

  • DISA takes cyber temperature of computer networks with CMRS

    Dave Bennett, DISA’s chief information officer, said the agency is beginning to implement a new approach to cybersecurity. He said the continuous monitoring risk scoring system (CMRS) looks at a variety of factors to give the agency a score based on a set of predetermined analytics.

  • Jared Serbu, DoD Reporter, Federal News Radio

    The Defense Department has spent years on a blueprint for what it says will eventually become a single, standards-based IT environment. Federal News Radio DoD Reporter Jared Serbu says the department expects to have all the technical standards on paper by the end of the year. Read Jared’s related article.

  • Jared Serbu, DoD Reporter, Federal News Radio

    The Air Force says it’s jumping with both feet into the Defense Department’s future Joint Information Environment. The service says it is positioned to influence the program as it takes shape. The Air Force has just gone through a major network consolidation of its own. Federal News Radio’s Jared Serbu reports. Read Jared’s related article.

  • DoD, intelligence community finding common enterprise IT ground

    The intelligence community and the Defense Department are both trying to build IT networks that attempt to get rid of IT stovepipes. In the process, they’ve found a few ways to work together.