USPS and GSA GWAC Division


To the U.S. Postal Service. For the fifth year in a row, the U.S. Postal Service has been recognized by the Ponemon Institute for its best practices in safeguarding U.S. consumers’ personal information among private sector companies. Just at a time when most industries are experiencing less secure environments and loss of employee and customer information from theft and data breaches, it is comforting to know the Postal Service is doing such a great job ensuring Americans’ privacy.


To GSA’s governmentwide contracts (GWAC) division for yet another delay for the Small Business Alliant contract awardees. The delays on awarding this contract have spurred a cascade of unintended consequences and further problems, as small businesses which might have legitimately qualified for the award over a year ago when it was first due to be awarded, are now no longer able to continue to pursue the contract. Government needs to understand that it is expensive to keep a team together and keep a staff assembled for a business opportunity that is delayed and delayed with no clear end in sight. Delays are essentially a tax on business, and GSA has unwisely elected to “tax” small companies and drive up the costs of doing business with the government at the worst possible time.

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