General Services Administration

  • GSA publishes new RITA tables

    The annual tax tables for calculating the Relocation Income Tax Allowance (RITA) is now available on the General Services Administration’s Web site.

  • GSA raises per diem rate for 3 states

    If you’re a fed who works in one of 7 communities in three states, your per diem rate for government travel is about to go up.

  • Driving the Federal Vehicle Fleet

    The number of vehicles in the Federal fleet is holding steady while demands on the fleet are increasing. Becky Rhodes, Deputy Associate Administrator for GSA’s Office of Travel, Transportation, and Asset Management in the Office…

  • GSA’s New Tool For Getting Your Agency Space

    Your agency’s work space was most likely acquired for the government by the General Services Administration. One tool GSA has to obtain space is the National Broker Contract. The House Transportation Subcommittee on Economic Development,…

  • FedFleet 2009: Managing Federal Vehicles

    Vehicle fleet managers all over the government are in Chicago this week for FedFleet 2009. This event provides training and information for those fleet managers. Barney Brasseux, Deputy Administrator of the General Services Administration, told…

  • GSA: Small Business Goals Met

    Five-out-of-five is as good as you can get. And that’s what the General Services Administration scored on the Small Business Administration’s small business procurement scorecard, just released on Friday. GSA was the only agency to…

  • GSA CFO celebrates another ‘clean audit opinion’

    It’s news that only an accountant could love: the Federal agency responsible for everything from office building leases to paper clips celebrates yet another ”clean audit opinion”. And, in the process, we learn just what sets the General Services Administration apart from other agencies when it comes to how it accounts for the federal funds it spends.

  • GSA Administrator Martha Johnson making waves at IRMCO

    Johnson will lead an off-site event in May to reexamine how the agency is serving its customers.

  • GSA Administrator Martha Johnson kicks off IRMCO with a bang

    She announces a top-to-bottom review of how they measure whether or not they are meeting their mission.

  • GSA’s O’Hare, Taylor detail Administrator Johnson’s agenda

    GSA officials are squarely behind the new Administrator’s priority list.