Senate panel gets stimulus tracking update

By Max Cacas Reporter FederalNewsRadio

Officials at the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board are less than a month away from unveiling to the public the newest version of a first-ever online tracking tool that will allow citizens to track spending on the economic stimulus program.

Thursday’s hearing marked the fifth time this year that the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee held oversight hearings on the American Recovery and Reinvestment...



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The Board’s contracts compliance staff also continues to review Recovery fund procurements as they occur, coordinating with IG offices on myriad issues. Thus far, we have forwarded more than 100 matters to various IGs to ensure heightened scrutiny of specific procurements that Board staff has identified as potentially problematic. These issues range from incidents of administrative oversight to awards that may raise more serious questions requiring resolution.

The Board will also be implementing a hotline where the public can report potential cases of fraud, waste, or mismanagement of Recovery Act funds. After researching several public and private hotline options, the Board has selected a hotline that will allow citizens to call, e-mail, fax, or mail letters to trained operators, and Board staff will then use this information to refer the complaints to the relevant IGs for investigation or other suitable response. We are hopeful that this enhanced hotline solution will be launched in conjunction with the upgraded

Expect another stimulus oversight hearing by Senator Lieberman’s Homeland Security Committee about a month from now, sometime near the rollout for, version 2.0 .

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