Senate Census panel asks tough questions about 2010 count

By Max Cacas Reporter FederalNewsRadio

With less than 6 months to go before the start of the 2010 decennial census, officials are still coping with uncertainty surrounding the next constitutionally-mandated count of the nation’s population.

On Wednesday, the Senate Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management, Government Information, Federal Services, and International Security, which has oversight over the U.S. Census Bureau, conducted its latest hearing on what will likely be one of the...


By “> Census director counts on planning for 2010 population count

  • Senate HSGAC: Hearing: “2010 Census: A Status Update of Key Decennial Operations”
  • GAO: 2010 Census: Census Bureau Continues to Make Progress in Mitigating Risks to a Successful Enumeration, but Still Faces Various Challenges. GAO-10-132T. (10/07/2009) (PDF document)

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