The Millionaires Who Rule Us

Federal workers who want politicians to suffer financially if the government is shutdown are missing a key point: lots of members of Congress are millionaires w...

If the government is shut down in a couple of weeks and rank-and-file feds go without pay for days, or weeks (and maybe never recover it) should politicians, who produce the shutdown, suffer the same fate? Many feds think that is a good idea. But there is a flaw in their logic…

Most don’t know where the nearest COSTCO is. Or what K-Mart stands for!

Although some economy-minded (incredibly cheap?) members of Congress are living out of their offices, many House and Senate incumbents would be able to go a long, long time – like maybe forever – if the never got a U.S. Government check. These are not GS 5s (or 15s for that matter) who, for whatever reason, are living from paycheck to paycheck. Some of them have enough money to buy a small third-world country!

More than half the members of the U.S. Senate (54 as of a Roll Call headcount last year) are millionaires. With millionaires in the House included the number is well over 200. The number of half-millionaires is impressive. Some earned it. Some married into it. Those who made it on their congressional salaries are to be commended on their ability to save and find bargains the rest of us can’t seem to identify. Must be willpower.

You might be surprised to see whose a member of the congressional millionaires club. To check it out, click here.

Here’s what rank-and-file feds are saying:

  • “Whether the federal pay freeze…imposed by White House-Congress…is two years or three years is immaterial. The fact is that it was decided by people who are multi-millionaires. When they say tighten ‘our’ belts they mean tighten mine! Some of my coworkers…especially single parents are barely making it. They are not amused and not sympathetic when politicians tell us to suck it up! The Democrats, who failed to approve budgets when they ran the Congress, are no better than the Republicans.” R.C.H.
  • “Shut down the government, shut down refunds. Lets continue in that vein, no Social Security, Veterans, or retirement payments, Congressional or Presidential Salary Payments. I would keep Homeland Security, Military and Secret Service essentials salaries, as it would create National Risk worse than a budget short fall, if those guys don’t work. Then let Congress deal with the repercussions!” Helena, Mont.
  • “Complain as they like, these Feds HAVE jobs and incomes. We’d all like BIG raises, but at least we have an income (unlike some in Flint MI or Cleveland OH or …..). I am not complaining, but I too am affected. I will probably retire from Federal service in 2012 (age 70.5) and any freeze affects my high-3. But I have an income and great benefits, it’s not too bad.” Denis Symes
  • “As a retired fed I get disgusted reading employees ranting about the 2/3 year pay freeze. I would ask them to live on about half of their current salary which would be the amount of an annuity. I would ask them to live on the same amount for two years now with no COLA. I would ask them to live on the same amount with an increase in their health benefits. All of the above results in a decrease in the take home amount. So current feds be grateful you are still employed, suck it up and quit the whining.” Ken Painter, Frederick, MD
  • “Whenever the CR is mentioned – do the people understand that they are for LAST YEAR’s budget? The ones in power last year did not pass a budget. Also, entitlements are NOT in this budget but in the other one they will present in April.” R.L.

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Nearly Useless Factoid
by Suzanne Kubota

Wait to make really important decisions until you need to potty. ScienceDaily reports “controlling your bladder makes you better at controlling yourself when making decisions about your future.”


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