5 Areas Government will use Artificial Intelligence

This article is sponsored by NVIDIA Artificial intelligence has rapidly evolved from science fiction to reality. You’re already using it when you shop on Ama...

Learn more about how Government is using AI at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference from November 1-2 at the Ronald Reagan Center, Washington D.C.

This article is sponsored by NVIDIA

Artificial intelligence has rapidly evolved from science fiction to reality. You’re already using it when you shop on Amazon, do a Google search, or use a smart device to get the weather.

The buzz is growing around AI, because companies have realized that it can be used to harness their data to dramatically improve services. And government is no exception.

The Postal Service is already using AI to improve efficiency while saving 7 million gallons of fuel. And there are many other fields of government interest, from cybersecurity and defense to reducing fraud and improving healthcare. Imagine drones that can be deployed in a disaster to rapidly assess damage.

Here are five of the most important fields in which AI can make a difference for government. Policy-makers and business leaders can hear more at the Leadership in AI panel discussion at the GTC DC event in Washington DC Nov. 1-2:

  1. The Future of Driving

Self-driving vehicles will reduce traffic fatalities while improving mobility and productivity. The technology will affect transportation, civic planning, insurance, emergency services, and more. Policy makers and industry executives will discuss policies to advance the potential and safety of self-driving cars here.

  1. Smarter and Safer Cities

Smarter cities are safer cities. We have millions of security cameras, but we don’t have millions of people to watch them. AI can use video and sensor information to synchronize traffic lights, help find missing people or assist law enforcement in identifying persons of interest. The discussion towards policies, key investments, and change of city operations necessary to make cities smart and efficient will take place here.

  1. Precision Medicine

Faster diagnosis and better care save lives. Doctors and researchers are using AI to speed up diagnosis and guide targeted treatments. This helps physicians lower error rates treating diseases like cancer. Policy makers and industry experts will discuss how AI can advance treatment, the scientific and regulatory hurdles to success, and how Congress can best address security issues here.

  1. Cybersecurity

As the number and severity of breaches continues to grow, the government and private sector are being challenged to do more to recognize them faster and prevent hacks. Leading cybersecurity firms are turning to AI to detect and respond to threats in seconds rather than days. Today, policy makers and business decision-makers are working together to determine the role regulation should play and how public/private sectors are working together to combat cyber crimes. The conversation is taking place here.

  1. Finance

Milliseconds matter in the financial industry. Lightning-quick insights executed instantly drive profits. The key is making smart decisions faster than the competition, and it all comes down to leveraging big data. Leaders in the financial service industry are tapping into AI to create differentiating breakthroughs in predictive analytics. This will enable much higher accuracy results and address model interpretability challenges in FSI applications like fraud detection, credit risk, customer analytics, and regulatory compliance. Hear from industry experts and policy makers discussing the latest advancements for AI in finance here.

As the AI revolution gains momentum, policy-makers need to understand how AI works and how it can be applied for a wide range of important activities. AI can and should be used to help defend our citizens and improve the quality of life for our people.

Policymakers, researchers and industry executives can learn more about these topics and join the discussion at Washington’s leading AI event, the GPU Technology Conference. GTC will feature two keynotes and more than 80 sessions from many of the nation’s foremost experts on AI for healthcare, cyber-security, smart cities, defense and autonomous vehicles.

Government registers for free. For more information, go here.

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