Peter MusurlianIARPA program manager

These intelligence community trousers might be the best thing since Sansabelt

If they say the clothes make the person, can special clothes make the first responder? The Intelligence Advanced Projects Research Activity (IARPA) wants…

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(Getty Images/iStockphoto/TPopova)federal pay raise

Another clue into when feds will see a raise in their paychecks

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Claire McCaskill

Senator worried about potential budget cuts to several IG offices

A new report from Sen. McCaskill’s office says the Trump administration’s 2019 budget would cut five Inspectors General office’s budgets and give nine…

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To tell the truth: What current and hopeful federal employees should know about polygraphs

Federal security clearances may grab headlines, but the polygraph portion has gone virtually unchanged for decades. Now they’re getting a closer look.

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IARPA director: Encryption-busting quantum computers still decades away

The head of the intelligence community’s advanced research agency is looking at new encryption standards that can withstand future breakthroughs in quantum computing.

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