shadow IT

  • Building flexibility & innovation in federal IT

    How can federal IT professionals innovate in a constantly changing environment with a shrinking budget? Find out this week, when Larry Katzman, vice president of Business Development at Applied Information Services, joins host John Gilroy on Federal Tech Talk. May 2, 2017

  • FBI CIO wants to bring ‘shadow IT’ innovations into the light

    FBI Chief Information Officer Gordon Bitko said there’s nothing wrong with technology-driven innovations that help employees perform their missions. The problem is the lack of coordination from on high.

  • Gordon Bitko: Encouraging innovation while consolidating enterprise IT services

    FBI Chief Information Officer Gordon Bitko is working to encourage innovation within agency standards while modernizing and consolidating enterprise IT services. Bitko discussed all of this and more with Federal News Radio’s Jason Miller on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Shadow IT and other cloud excuses

    Todd Lyle, president of Duncan LLC, argues that a new wave of leadership is needed to take advantage of emerging technology and services.

  • Shawn Kingsberry: Shadow IT seeping into bring-your-own-device

    Shadow IT, the stuff that’s on a network that leadership doesn’t know is on the network, plagues agencies across government. Shawn Kingsberry, former chief information officer at the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board and director of cloud solutions at Engility Inc., tells In Depth with Francis Rose the shadow IT concept is starting to seep into the bring-your-own-device arena.

  • Cloud, budget reductions helping CIOs pull IT out of the shadows

    NASA CIO Larry Sweet has mandated enterprise services first for all commodity IT. Other agencies, such as GSA and Interior, are trying to find the right balance between giving field offices latitude and rigid IT requirements.