• VA launches virtual tick clinic, expands telehealth for critical areas

    The Department of Veterans Affairs is expanding its telehealth reach coverage to fill critical gaps in areas including mental health and primary care.

  • VA’s telehealth program is already the largest in the nation. It’s about to get bigger

    The Department of Veterans Affairs is partnering with private sector companies to expand its growing telehealth program.

  • VA doctors can now treat patients in other states via telehealth

    In today’s Federal Newscast, a rule allowing Veterans Affairs providers to administer healthcare across state lines using virtual technology becomes finalized.

  • Feedback surveys play key role in VA’s telehealth expansion

    Surveys and feedback are a key part of the Veterans Affairs Department’s customer experience strategy and its plan to expand telehealth services.

  • VA announces expansion of ‘anywhere to anywhere’ health care services

    The Veterans Affairs Department will expand its telehealth program, which already provided healthcare services to 700,000 veterans across the country.

  • VA wants to make telehealth part of its day-to-day business, but says state licensing laws stand in the way

    VA says it wants to significantly expand the health care services it offers through telehealth technologies — voice, video, instantaneous record-sharing — but it’s hampered by state laws that require providers to be licensed in the same states as their patients.

  • Karen DeSalvo, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology

    Telehealth and mobile health technology will become more common as the federal government moves into a new phase of Health IT priorities. The new Federal Health IT Strategic Plan 2015-2020 lays out five goals for collecting, using, and disseminating interoperable information. 35 agencies contributed to the plan. Dr. Karen DeSalvo, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to explain the strategic plan.

  • Ellen Edmonson, Veterans Health Administration Telehealth Services

    Veterans made 2 million virtual health care visits in fiscal 2014. Whether it’s having a consult without leaving your living room or having medical data collected and monitored remotely, telehealth makes more care possible for many vets who can’t make it to a clinic or don’t have one nearby. Ellen Edmonson is deputy chief consultant of the Veterans Health Administration Telehealth Services. She joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to describe how telehealth works.

  • Telehealth and Heart Failure Patients

    Can telehealth improve keep heart failure patients out of the hospital and improve their quality of life? A study conducted at a hospital in Spain found patients’ conditions significantly improved over a 12-month period. The…

  • The Market for Telehealth

    More and more healthcare companies are turning to their phones and wireless applications to treat patients. So it’s not surprising that the market for telehealth devices and services is expected to bring in more than…