Is there an “age gap” in your office?

Federal News Radio reporters Nicole Ogrysko and Meredith Somers join host Mike Causey to discuss a recent FNR report of the impact of millennials on the federal...

Is your office infested with older employees who live back in the day and creak when they walk?

Or are you suffering because of young employees who seem hypnotized by their iPhones?

Federal News Radio recently did a special report on the impact of millennials on the federal workplace.  Good and bad. Warts and all. The series by Nicole Ogrysko looked at how older feds felt about working with your employees and also how millennials view their Gen X colleagues. Regardless of which generation you belong to, the information was interesting, in some cases surprising (and disturbing) but useful if you want to navigate the sometimes choppy waters of office politics.

This week on “Your Turn”, Nicole and FNR Reporter Meredith Somers will talk about the gap — if any — between older and younger workers at the office. Especially your office. And if it is a problem, what might be helpful in making things better. If you have questions or comments, email them to Mike at We won’t use your name if you want to remain anonymous — and welcome in your office.

That’s on Your Turn, 10 a.m. EDT at Federal News Radio or, in the DC area, on 1500 AM.  You can also dial 712-432-5393 during the show to listen live from any phone.

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