Gen. Dale Meyerrose: Cyber Armageddon “isn’t possible”

In the effervescing world of cybersecurity, former ODNI CIO challenges some cyber conventions.

The world of cybersecurity is a very active one. This week the First Worldwide Cybersecurity Summit is on in Dallas, hosted by the EastWest Institute. Cyber crime is exploding, overwhelming law enforcement agencies tasked with fighting it. The borderless nature of cyber exploitation is causing heartburn in diplomatic as well as technology circles. And cyber professionals continue to lament the meager amount of new talent coming from our colleges and universities.

General Dale Meyerrose, former CIO at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and now with Harris Corporation, talked about these and other cyber challenges for the first hour of the show today. Gen. Meyerrose also challenged some conventional thinking about cybersecurity as it’s being dealt with in government – including why he thinks a “cyber Armageddon” won’t happen.

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