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The Department of Veterans Affairs investigated a security hole in a telehealth program. VA said personal information for more than 7,000 vets was been exposed,...

The Department of Veterans Affairs investigated a security hole in a telehealth program. VA said personal information for more than 7,000 vets was exposed, but the Federal Times reports both the VA and the vendor that provided the service say no data was stolen. Keith Trippie, chief executive officer of The Trippie Group, was former executive director of the Enterprise System Development Office at the Department of Homeland Security. In his Top 3 for 2015, he tells In Depth with Francis Rose even with the security risks telehealth initiatives will help government serve citizens better and save the government money in a couple different ways.

Keith Trippie’s Top 3 for 2015:

  1. TeleHealth as a preventative model for health care: Telehealth will expand in 2015. I would expect to see the expansion of wearable devices, consumer-based secure electronic health records solutions and video conferencing technologies continue to shape health care in the 21st century. Couple those technologies with another growing concept of doctor sourcing — including veterans — will greatly benefit from this extended preventative care business model. While not a new model in commercial markets, the federal market will benefit greatly from these burgeoning technologies, and it will require new acquisition thinking to help save lives in the future.


  • Cybersecurity millennials and the new vocational trade model: One trend I see that is still early on in its formation is leveraging an old idea to solve a real problem for the next generation. I envision companies that specialize in building cybersecurity curriculum for high schools focusing on DoD, NIST and DHS cyber standards. This new “vocational” curriculum will focus on real world skills for millions of high school students over the next decade and create a massive pipeline of low cost, apprentice level cyber professionals. No college system can keep up with cyber demand, and even if they could, how is that working out for Sony, Target and others?


  • Cloud broker and the four horsemen: Ah, cloud, social media, big data and mobile, it was a good year for you in the commercial space. All can be shopped for, purchased and deployed in hours in the commercial space. No problemo. Not so in the federal marketplace. The challenge for federal entities is to set up simple cloud broker/exchange contract to ease the complexities around shopping, ordering and managing these pre-built services. I am confident we will see a couple agencies in 2015 be the first to market with this new model and reap the benefits. With shrinking budgets and growing consumer demands from mission and business units, agency CIOs and procurement officers must collaborate on a new model.

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