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Aging, non-compliant systems are risky. Don’t risk your agency’s IT! Learn more about how secure networks and FedRAMP-compliant cloud-based conferencing s...

Aging, non-compliant systems are risky.  Don’t risk your agency’s IT!  Learn more about how secure networks and FedRAMP-Authorized cloud-based conferencing services will help you meet easily, work faster, travel less without risking security.

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President Obama announced in February 2016 the details around his comprehensive Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP)   that takes near-term actions and puts in place a long-term strategy to enhance cybersecurity awareness and protections, protect privacy, maintain public safety as well as economic and national security, and empower Americans to take better control of their digital security.

One key element of CNAP is the President’s 2017 Budget proposal which consists of a $3.1 billion Information Technology Modernization Fund as a down payment on the comprehensive overhaul that must be undertaken in the coming years.  This revolving fund will enable agencies to invest money up front and realize the return over time by retiring, replacing, or modernizing antiquated IT infrastructure, networks, and systems that are expensive to maintain, provide poor functionality, and are difficult to secure.

CNAP recognizes that many government agencies today have highly sensitive,  mission-critical data being transported over an aging infrastructure that is approaching End-of-Life/End-of-Support. Older infrastructure often lacks the latest security features and may no longer be receiving critical software patches and security updates. This leaves the network vulnerable to cyber attacks and exposes the agency to unnecessary and unacceptable risks.

Cisco is committed to ensuring that security is built into to the underlying architecture of our solutions and is embedded throughout our global business. Many of Cisco’s platforms include built-in security technologies which reduce risk and enable Digital Transformation by enhancing the security, resiliency, and trustworthiness of our products.    For more information on Cisco’s foundational security, please visit:

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