• Ask for forgiveness, not permission

    Lookout’s Vijaya Kaza joined Gigi Schumm on Women of Washington to discuss why women shouldn’t let labels define their success as individuals

  • Early returns on GSA’s EIS contract, IT modernization is not in play

    Three agencies, Labor, Justice and SSA, have released solicitations under GSA’s telecommunications contract.

  • Achieving digital transformation through IT modernization

    Modernizing information technology is a challenge for all federal agencies. Cisco has partnered with the government for decades to help them to grow and adapt to new technology. 2018 presents some unique challenges to federal…

  • Census Bureau’s message to data innovators: We can’t do it alone

    This year’s program produced 12 new data tools.

  • Agencies’ approach to IoT security highlights differences in cybersecurity approach

    NASA and EPA share concerns for balancing cybersecurity and use of IoT, but how they approach those concerns depends on agency mission — and budget.

  • The Five C’s of Innovation

    Technology is not only rapidly changing, but the way federal information technology professionals work is also undergoing rapid transformation. A recent Forbes study showed that today a typical professional is on twice as many teams as a mere five years ago. Not only that, but these teams form rapidly and can be geographically diverse.

  • Top commentaries of 2016 address retirement, workforce concerns

    Federal News Radio looks back at the 10 most popular commentaries of 2016.

  • Don’t Risk IT: Cybersecurity Risk Driving IT Modernization

    Many federal, state, and local government agencies are operating old, outdated and end-of-life network equipment. You may think this just means slower, less efficient operation – not worth the cost to refresh your infrastructure, right? Wrong. Outdated network equipment is actually a major cybersecurity risk, particularly for government agencies, as it makes networks more susceptible to hacks and other forms of cyber-attacks.

  • Don’t Risk IT: Meet Jack & Zach

    Meet Jack and Zach. You may have seen them around in a variety of situations where Zach is happy and Jack is not. Why is that? Because Jack relies on aging, non-authorized infrastructure and service, that’s why! And while it might be funny to follow along with Jack and Zach’s exploits, here at Cisco we know that security is no laughing matter. We created Jack and Zach to get your attention about two major security concerns in the public sector: aging network infrastructure and non-FedRAMP-authorized cloud-based collaboration tools.

  • Don’t Risk IT!

    Cloud computing is quickly changing almost every aspect of our lives. But for government agencies, it is often a struggle to keep up with the rapid pace of technology changes. The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is helping agencies chart their way, but they still need help. Fortunately, FedRAMP has arrived and is providing an efficient and affordable way to build long-term success in the cloud: Cisco® WebEx Web Conferencing, A FedRAMP-Authorized Service.