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Achieving digital transformation through IT modernization

Modernizing information technology is a challenge for all federal agencies. Cisco has partnered with the government for decades to help them to grow and adapt to new technology. 2018 presents some unique challenges to federal leaders, including increased cyber threats, new acquisition initiatives from Congress, reduced staff, and the transition to the cloud has many seeking a trusted partner.

A group of technology experts from Cisco joined Federal News Radio to discuss digital transformation in the federal government. The discussion focused on five aspects of transition in 2018: IT modernization, security, analytics, networking and services.

IT Modernization Overall

Everyone is thinking through how can they accelerate the adoption of digital technologies to better serve their citizens, to drive mission outcomes, or just simply address business needs.


We are able to understand what's there and help our customers develop a plan to move forward and make these decisions that help keep their data secure.


There are four major areas of focus for Cisco in analytics that the government agencies can capitalize on immediately vis-a-vis: network analytics, security analytics, IoT analytics, and business analytics.


When you have just a very large install base, you learn the various use cases, and you can take all that information and knowledge and help everybody deliver their systems in a more mission-critical manner in a way that they can integrate into their current environment.


We do that through Smart Net Total Care, which is a service offering that addresses everything from software updates to parts replacement to registered access to our web portal. In addition to that, a help desk.”


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Panel of experts

  • Helju Nommik

    Director, Digital Strategy and Market Development, Cisco

  • Peter Romness

    Cybersecurity Solutions Lead, U.S. Public Sector Office of the Chief Technology Officer, Cisco

  • Kapil Bakshi

    Distinguished Systems Engineer, Cisco

  • Dan Kent

    Public Sector Chief Technology Officer, Cisco

  • Bac Tran

    Senior Director, Federal Services Sales, Cisco

  • John Gilroy

    Host of Federal Tech Talk, Federal News Radio

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