Getty Images/iStockphoto/behindlensInfographic of cloudscape reflect to modern multi-cloud technology

The cloud keeps the State Department connected to every corner of the globe

As technology has figuratively led to a shrinking of the Earth, the State Department has embraced cloud technology to streamline and organize its IT organization,…

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Not ‘just a fad,’ cloud provides the foundation for future technologies

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Getty Images/iStockphoto/jdwfotoclassified data

NARA gets ahead of legacy digital records with preservation framework

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The building blocks to modernize federal networks

Agencies need to modernize and transform their networks to take advantage of the emerging technologies, cloud applications and improve security.

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The future of the US Federal Government

Cloud Smart is about enabling the simplest strategy to adopt cloud technology through three key pillars: security, procurement, and workforce.

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(Getty Images/iStockphoto/monsitj)defocus dots and lines connection on abstract technology background.

Alleviating fears about moving to the cloud

Charles Fullwood, senior director of software solutions at Force 3, says with the right planning and tools, risk can be taken out of cloud migration.

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