• Now may be perfect timing to reform regulations

    Congress is regrouping to figure out a fourth stimulus bill. Several members have said it should focus on infrastructure.

  • Readying to welcome Amazon’s HQ2

    Alex Iams, Interim Director of Arlington Economic Development, discusses the process of making sure D.C. is ready for Amazon’s HQ2, and some of the new things we can expect from it.

  • Congress, White House turn their attention yet again to infrastructure

    As lawmakers turn their heads again to infrastructure, The Firewall editor in chief David Hawkings joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin with a preview.

  • How drones can lift up nearly every industry

    Pramod Raheja, CEO of Airgility, discusses how drone production has created an entire economy around research and development for specific applications, and how those applications can revolutionize nearly any industry where logistics is a constraint.

  • Building the smart infrastructure the region deserves

    On this EXTRA episode, we speak with Jack McDougle, President and CEO at Greater Washington Board of Trade, and Chuck Bean, Executive Director at Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, about the recent innovations in 5G technology, and how these advancements can assist both the average person and the most dedicated entrepreneurs in the region.

  • Working towards the energy infrastructure of the future

    Andrew Scobie, founder of Faraday Grid, discusses how America’s electrical infrastructure has changed little in over a century, and how his company hopes to revolutionize the industry.

  • The cloud, explained: where your data really goes

    Lee Kestler, chief commercial officer at Vantage Data Centers, discusses how important data centers are to the region’s economy, and how they work to assist businesses, schools, and our every day lives.

  • Feds can beat tech evolution with new, resilient cyber culture

    Federal agencies and contractors need to build what one expert calls a resilient cybersecurity culture to stay one step ahead of evolving cyber threats.

  • Infrastructure stakeholders want better agency communication, no sunset from FAST Act reforms

    Federal infrastructure projects have stalled around the country due to cumbersome permitting processes and funding challenges, which is why a bipartisan law was enacted two years ago to speed things up. Now the authors are hoping to amend that legislation with the Federal Permitting Reform and Jobs Act.

  • Multiple agency leaders agree to speed up reviews of infrastructure projects

    In today’s Federal Newscast, President Donald Trump presided over the signing of the “One Federal Decision” memorandum of understanding, in which seven of his cabinet secretaries took part.