In some ways you have to pity Congress, trying to spend trillions it doesn’t have

What exactly is Congress and the administration talking about when they throw around infrastructure spending?

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Feds can beat tech evolution with new, resilient cyber culture

Federal agencies and contractors need to build what one expert calls a resilient cybersecurity culture to stay one step ahead of evolving cyber threats.

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FILE- In this Monday, Oct. 5, 2015 file photo, Residents of a lakeside neighborhood walk across Overcreek Bridge by the remains of a failed dam in Columbia, S.C. Officials say the structure beneath a road collapsed Monday afternoon following days of heavy rain, nearly emptying a lake in a few minutes. No one was injured. South Carolina had problems with crumbling roads and bridges and old drinking water systems and dams long before the historic floods of the past week. Now the state faces what will likely be hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars of bills to fix washed out roads and bridges and destroyed dams. (AP Photo/Jay Reeves, File)

Infrastructure stakeholders want better agency communication, no sunset from FAST Act reforms

Federal infrastructure projects have stalled around the country due to cumbersome permitting processes and funding challenges, which is why a bipartisan…

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Donald Trump

Multiple agency leaders agree to speed up reviews of infrastructure projects

In today’s Federal Newscast, President Donald Trump presided over the signing of the “One Federal Decision” memorandum of understanding, in which seven of his cabinet secretaries took part.

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