An update on the 2020 NDAA

Jon Etherton, president of Etherton and Associates joins host Roger Waldron on this week's Off the Sheld to discuss supply chain risk management, agile software...

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This week on Off the Shelf, Jon Etherton, president of Etherton and Associates, Inc., provides an update on the process and policy highlights as the Senate and House continue working in conference on the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Head shot of Jon Etherton
Jonathan Etherton, president, Etherton and Associates

He also gives an update on the stalled appropriations process and potential scenarios moving forward.

With regard to acquisition policy, Etherton highlights key areas of focus for the NDAA, including supply chain risk, data rights and agile acquisition/development for software.

He also notes that, with regard to general streamlining of processes, there are some mixed signals coming from the Hill.

Finally, Etherton discusses the imperative of fundamentally changing defense acquisition towards a system that provides flexibility and agility to meet the new  challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing threat environment.

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