USPTO sings Valentine’s Day ode to IP

Tom Temin says Washington could use a few more smiles these days. So check out this USPTO tribute to IP on Valentine's Day.

That Hallmark card you scooped up to give your sweetie for Valentine’s day is trademarked and copyrighted. The checkout scanner where you paid for it probably embodies several patented technologies.

When you think about it, intellectual property is everywhere.

Maybe that’s why some folks at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office wrote an ode to IP. And collaborated with members of a prominent local group known as the Alexandria Harmonizers to sing it, quartet-style.

Talk about a strange convergence! Strange, but well worth the two minutes of listening.

PTO’s Matt Palumbo wrote the lyrics, and Steve Delehanty of the Harmonizers arranged it for four voices. The singers are the Harmonizers’ Anthony Colosimo, Christian Hoff, Andrew Havens and Joseph Cerutti.

This idea could go big. I can hear an EPA ode to Superfund cleanup. The Transportation Security Administration should whip up a sung version of its passenger instructions. How about a Senate rule to requiring members to sing their filibusters and put them on YouTube?

Washington could use a few more smiles these days.

Check it out:

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