Fat Leonard

  • Poor conditions of Navy’s shipyards impact operations, says GAO report

    In today’s Federal Newscast, a Government Accountability Office report says the Navy’s shipyards are in such bad shape they can no longer meet the service’s operational needs.

  • Navy commander pleads guilty to obstructing ‘Fat Leonard’ investigation

    In today’s Federal Newscast, Navy Cmdr. Bobby Pitts admits to helping Glen Defense Marine Asia CEO Leonard Francis during the investigation into the defense contractor.

  • DoD seeks input on streamlining DFARS

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the Defense Department is targeting procurement rules in response to President Trump’s executive order to evaluate existing regulations and recommend their repeal, replacement or modification.

  • Former admiral gets 18 months in jail for lying

    A judge has sentenced the first active-duty U.S. Navy admiral convicted of a federal crime to 18 months in prison for lying to investigators.

  • Face it: Navy’s 7th Fleet scandal is malignant

    The Justice Department’s latest press release doesn’t do justice to what has occurred in the now-infamous “Fat Leonard” case.

  • Retired Navy admiral among 9 indicted in bribery case

    A retired Navy admiral and eight other current and former military officers were bribed with sex, trips and other lavish perks, according to an indictment unsealed Tuesday in a burgeoning scandal involving a Malaysian defense contractor nicknamed “Fat Leonard.”

  • Another federal official pleads guilty in Navy contracting scandal

    The Federal Headlines is a daily compilation of the stories you hear discussed on Federal News Radio each day. It is designed to give FederalNewsRadio.com readers more information about the stories heard on the radio. In today’s news, another federal official pleaded guilty to corruption charges surrounding the Glenn Defense Marine Asia case and more federal agencies can now move to the ‪‎cloud‬.

  • Navy scandal spreading like an oil slick

    The question for Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson is how tough and accountable the Navy will be about itself as the Fat Leonard scandal widens.

  • Let’s talk about government corruption

    Is the federal government becoming more corrupt? The big picture says no. It’s why we still get startled when it does occur.

  • Navy commander pleads guilty to exchanging classified info for sex, cash, and travel perks

    By ELLIOT SPAGAT Associated Press SAN DIEGO (AP) — As a U.S. Navy commander, Jose Luis Sanchez helped oversee operations in an area spanning Japan, Russia, Singapore, Australia and many other countries across Asia. Now,…