Ft. Hood

  • DoD’s longest-serving employee passes away after 77 years of service

    Sarkis Tatigian joined the Navy in 1942. He’s been there ever since, until his death this week at the age of 96. Read about him and other Defense news in this week’s DoD Reporter’s Notebook.

  • Top lawmaker proposes taking activities away from climate vulnerable bases like Camp Lejeune

    House Armed Services Readiness Subcommittee Chairman John Garamendi says its too costly to keep important activities at climate vulnerable bases.

  • Joe Kirschbaum: Communication problem is holding DOD back from insider threat progress

    The recent false alarm at the Washington Navy Yard has insider threats on the minds of employees at military bases all over the country. The Defense Department has a long list of recommendations to protect itself better against insider threats. The Government Accountability Office issued 79 of them after the Fort Hood shooting in 2009. But DoD doesn’t know how it’s doing on those recommendations because individual military services aren’t consistently communicating and reporting their progress. Joe Kirschbaum is the director of defense capabilities and management issues at the Government Accountability Office. He tells In Depth with Francis Rose about the force protection guidance DoD already has, and the recommendations GAO first made after the Fort Hood shooting.

  • Ft. Hood suicides on the rise – again

    The Army’s largest post saw a record number of soldiers kill themselves in 2010 despite a mental health effort aimed at reversing the trend.

  • Ft. Hood shooting trial continues

    Soldier after soldier rose from the witness chair, stared and pointed to an Army psychiatrist seated a dozen feet away, never wavering as they identified him as the man who went on deadly shooting rampage at Fort Hood last year.

  • Sammie nominee responded to Ft. Hood attack

    Sgt. Mark Todd tells the DorobekInsider that he was ”just doing his job”.