high 5

  • Trump proposes federal pay raise, familiar retirement cuts in 2021 budget

    President Donald Trump’s proposed 1% across-the-board federal pay raise is an attempt to meet Congress “halfway” on the topic, as the administration also recommended more agency funding on employee performance rewards and bonuses.

  • The path forward for OPM’s proposed retirement changes

    Federal News Radio explains each of OPM’s proposed changes to the federal retirement system and details their outlook in Congress.

  • OPM submits 4 familiar retirement proposals to the House for consideration

    The Office of Personnel Management detailed several significant proposals that would impact the current federal employee retirement system.

  • High-5 would slam some high-flyer feds

    Federal workers have worried that Congress will base their pensions on a less generous formula. Mike Causey says there’s nothing to worry about … yet.

  • High-5 retirement plan: The mouse that roared?

    Want to scare a retirement-age federal worker to death? Give him or her a high-five, as in the proposal to base their annuity on the employee’s highest five-year average salary and years of service.

  • Federal employees’ groups denounce pension reform bill

    “Un-American” was how the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association described a bill to calculate retirement benefits according to an employee’s “high five.” Rep. Bruce Westerman (R-Ariz.) sponsored the measure.

  • For Feds the End is Near, Isn’t It?

    One of the top job-related questions feds have is will they have time to retire this year before Congress changes retirement rules. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says the answer is very likely yes, but there are more serious threats facing both workers and retirees.

  • Your Threat Level: Pretty Darn High!

    The all-important pay and benefits package of federal and postal workers, and retirees, is under attack as never before. And while it is way too soon to panic, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says you need to run down a checklist to see where things are. We’ve got a team of experts standing by.

  • The High-5 Monster Under Feds’ Beds

    Even the most rational, self-controlled federal and postal workers sometimes have nightmares about their jobs. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says chief among them is the fear that Uncle Sam is going to change the rules, drastically reducing lifetime retirement payments.

  • Federal Offices or Adult Day Care Centers?

    If Congress and the White House change your retirement plan, asks Senior Correspondent Mike Causey, will it produce a tidal wave of retirements or will it turn your office in the government version of an adult day care center?