Congress expected to play bigger role in federal IT in 2019

Six federal IT experts offer their observations about what to watch for in 2019 and what organizations and people will have the biggest impacts.

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Experts say CIO input, oversight from Congress and OMB necessary to improve IT acquisition

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Federal CIO exit interview: Defining moments turned into forcing functions

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3 phases of the presidential transition the federal IT community is watching

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New OMB policy pushes agencies to actively build and share ‘People’s Code’

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Rep. Will Hurd (R-Texas)/AP/Cliff Owen18F

Rep. Hurd answers OMB’s IT challenge, proposes alternative strategy

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GSA finalizes major update to acquisition policy

The General Services Administration issued the final rule around data transaction reporting requiring vendors under the schedules contracts and governmentwide…

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Trey Hodgkins, Senior Vice President of Public Sector, ITAPS

The midterm elections are less than a week away now, and a lame-duck session of Congress follows that. The House and Senate may try to pass a budget plan…

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Pamela Walker, Information Technology Alliance for Public Sector

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Last week, President Obama signed the annual authorization bill for the U.S. Intelligence Community, making several changes to the way federal agencies and contractors deal with classified information and IT systems. Several of the provisions appear to be a reaction to the security clearance issues raised by the Edward Snowden case and by the Navy Yard shooting. Pamela Walker is senior director for homeland security at the Information Technology Alliance for Public Sector. She’s been analyzing the…

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