Tim Walberg

  • Government accountability legislation gets House backing, heads to Senate

    A package of oversight bills was voted out of the House during the early days of the 115th Congress. Some of the bills are similar to previous legislation that didn’t make it out of the last session. The bills include more access to information for government watchdogs, as well as protections for whistleblowers.

  • Repackaged House bill extends same controversial VA firing procedures to all SES

    The House passed a bill that would change the way agencies discipline and remove federal employees and members of the Senior Executive Service. One provision would put all SES members under the same, expedited disciplinary process that senior executives at the Veterans Affairs Department had until the Justice Department challenged its constitutionality.

  • House considers expanding VA-like SES firing authorities governmentwide

    Some federal employee groups and committee Democrats are taking issue with a series of bills under consideration at the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. The legislation largely targets accountability issues among Senior Executives and career appointees.

  • New bills to target SES accountability, paid leave

    The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will soon consider at least three separate bills on punishments for the Senior Executive Service and career appointees accused of misconduct or poor performance.

  • Fixing the SES: ‘This used to be an honor. Now it’s a joke.’

    Fewer than half of the Senior Executive Service members who responded to an exclusive Federal News Radio online survey say they would join today. The survey results were even more dim for federal employees at the GS-15 and GS-14 ranks. In the first of our four-part special report, Fixing the SES, we examine how current senior execs feel about the SES, and what they believe is right and wrong with the service.

  • Congress joins the fray as protests mount over strategic sourcing

    Reps. Grace Meng and Tim Walberg introduce a provision in the Defense authorization bill to require GAO to study the impact of strategic sourcing on small businesses. GSA also is facing more than two dozen protests over its current and future office supplies contracts and now OASIS.

  • FEHBP modernization plan receives cautious optimism from Hill

    The Office of Personnel Management told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that the 50-year-old law creating the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) has hurt its ability to keep the FEHBP up-to-date. The agency estimates billions in savings over the next decade should Congress approve the White House’s proposals in the 2014 budget request.

  • House to vote on bill modifying FECA

    If enacted, H.R. 2465 would make several changes to the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act, including allowing assistants and nurses to certify disabilities.

  • Hearing offers little clarity to campaign disclosure proposal

    Republican House lawmakers are frustrated and concerned over the draft Executive Order requiring contractors to make campaign contributions public. OFPP’s Dan Gordon declines to answer specific questions about the proposal, but said transparency is key to ensuring trust in the procurement system.