Beverly Malone, IRS

Beverly Malone is one of seven winners of Federal News Radio\'s 2010 Causey Awards. She created a mentoring program for the wounded soldiers to gain work experi...

NAME: Beverly Malone

TITLE: HR Specialist

AGENCY: Internal Revenue Service

Beverly was responsible for creating and delivering the mentoring component for the IRS Warrior Intern Program (WIP) Pilot that began Veterans Day week 2009 at the IRS Austin Compliance Center. Ten veterans in the Austin area were selected for the program that provides wounded soldiers a 4-6 month opportunity to gain experience in a specific IRS position prior to transitioning out of military service. Beverly expertly worked with the Army’s Wounded Warrior Program and the Office of Personnel Management to design and deliver a mentoring workshop that brought together the wounded veterans and their IRS mentors, allowing them to immediately form a relationship that helped support the transition of these veterans into the IRS work environment, and sustain their progress during the internship itself. (Read the full nomination.)

“Great program”…”Dedicated person”…”Great initiative and collaborative work with Army and OPM in serving veterans”…”Coaching and mentoring program is very intriguing”…”She took on an incredibly difficult assignment – setting up Wounded Warrior intern program for IRS…”

We started them off, but it was up to them to complete the thought. This is meant to give some insight into what makes these unique individuals the people they are and what makes them a Causey Award winner.

  • How do you relax? For small breaks, my husband and I jump in the sports car and drive down Pacific Coast Hwy to enjoy the ocean. We are also enjoying travel more –leaving for a short cruise to Vancouver and Victoria.
  • When I found out about this award I said to myself, it is just like my boss to show appreciation through recognition.
  • I am not a great fan of camping.
  • One of the most necessary things in life is chocolate.
  • I believe in love.
  • Why is it that the older I get, the faster time goes?
  • How on Earth did we ever live without cell phones?
  • If I had a super power I would right all the wrongs.
  • The best advice I ever got was to follow your passion.
  • When I’m having a bad day I confide in my husband.

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