• Union opposition keyed to A-76 shortcomings

    Administration officials still claim some success

  • Getting a tip on TIPSS-4

    Treasury is splitting TIPSS 4 into two separate solicitations.

  • Learning Experiences

    It’s coming . . . again. Tax filing season! While you might not yet be ready, the IRS is gearing up and learning lessons from last year. The Government Accountability Office recently released a report…

  • GAO’s IRS Report

    A recent GAO report finds holes in the way the IRS protects financial and taxpayer information. It says some employees have more access than they need to do their jobs, and policies are not consistently…

  • NTEU: NTEU, labor, part of the solution

    Fed employee union scatters over Capitol to lobby

  • Taxes: What to do if you can’t pay

    You may be down, but you’re not out of options

  • Internal Revenue’s Internal Audit

    How secure are the 98,000 desktop and laptop computers at the Internal Revenue Service? Peggy Begg is the Assistant Inspector General for Security and Information Technology Audits with the Treasury Department. She joins us to…

  • Is It Safe?

    Is all tax software created equal? The Government Accountability Office doesn’t think so. They recently published a report, Tax Administration: Many Taxpayers Rely on Tax Software and IRS Needs to Assess Associated Risks, that calls…

  • Tax Day: How the IRS is Working Through It

    Today is Tax Day! While filing your tax return may feel like an enormous undertaking to you, the Internal Revenue Service has put some measures in place to help relieve the stress. Q: Why is…

  • Plugging into savings with electric vehicles

    By Tom Temin FederalNewsRadio You want to save gas, but you might be tired of waiting for the pricey Chevrolet Volt, and you also might be thinking twice about taking a motorcycle to work in…