Dr. Susan Clayton, IRS

Dr. Susan Clayton is one of seven winners of Federal News Radio\'s 2010 Causey Awards. Dr. Clayton identified and evaluated emerging and experienced leaders wit...

NAME: Dr. Susan Clayton

TITLE: HR Specialist

AGENCY: Internal Revenue Service

Susan has chief responsibility for coordinating the Leadership Succession Review (LSR) process for the Internal Revenue Service. This is the foundation of IRS Succession Planning and involves all front line, department and senior managers. It provides up-to-date information on those who aspire to their next level of leadership (e.g., front line manager to senior manager; senior manager to executive), and their state of readiness for that level. In addition, Susan plays a key role in the new Accelerated Leadership Program (ALP), which identifies high-potential emerging leaders, preparing them for executive positions by mid-career. Susan is the consummate customer service professional, able to address the diverse interests of the 12 business units that participate in the LSR process. She used her influence skills to help propose and get agreement on a set of succession planning policies that ensure the right people participate in LSR and that the data we collect is accurate and useful. (Read the full nomination.)

“Shows a lot of work and dedication to creating an enduring product”…”good initiative across multiple diverse organizations”…”LSR and ALP both look like programs other agencies can copy”…”Exactly the kind of leadership we need in government”…”Each federal agency should be doing it this way…”

We started them off, but it was up to them to complete the thought. This is meant to give some insight into what makes these unique individuals the people they are and what makes them a Causey Award winner.

  • When I’m having a good day I smile. A friend calls me “Smiley.”
  • It tickles me when people make puns.
  • My favorite acronym is ITYS (I Told You So).
  • My mindset is pragmatic idealism.
  • Ideally there would be no more wars and especially peace in the Middle East.
  • 10 years from now I plan to be living in a Spanish speaking country.
  • I would have never thought I would enjoy working for the government so much.
  • You can’t expect people to embrace change without understanding, commitment and support.
  • From now on I plan to stay happy and healthy.
  • Civil Service is challenging, rewarding and fun. Provides numerous opportunities for creativity.

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