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2025 budget request cutting a few discretionary accounts

In the fiscal 2025 budget request, President Joe Biden wants to increase defense discretionary spending by $37 billion to $895.2 billion.

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Biden proposes 2% federal pay raise in 2025 budget request

Along with a proposed 2% federal pay raise for 2025, the Biden administration is looking at reforms for federal firefighters, as well as FAA and TSA employees.

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Biden budget request includes $13B for cybersecurity, continuing upward trend

CISA would get $3 billion under the Biden admin’s budget request, including funding to implement new cyber incident reporting rules.

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Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks speaks during a briefing at the Pentagon

2025 budget includes $850 billion for Defense, 4.5% military pay raise

As in the rest of government, DoD’s 2025 proposal would give civilian employees a 2% raise.

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Pentagon’s 2025 budget boosts personnel budget, cuts end strength

DoD plans to cut its active end strength by 7,800 service members, but grow its reserve forces in 2025, according to the 2025 budget request.

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White House seeks $425M in 2025 budget to sell unneeded federal office space

The Biden administration sees a major opportunity to shrink the federal government’s sprawling real estate footprint.

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The Seal of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) imposed over a document.

OMB looks to hire more evaluation experts across government in FY 2025 budget plan

OMB is also setting government job qualification standards for evaluation expert positions across the federal government.

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VA bonuses, Veterans Homeless Grants

VA warns of historic $15B budget shortfall. House committee says more hiring ‘above all’ is driving up costs

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(Photo courtesy of the Government Accountability Office)advertising, duplicate government program, GAO, overlap of government p;rograms,GAO, intelligence oversight

How the government spends a billion dollars a year on advertising

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(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)Congress

One more week of business on Capitol Hill before the craziness sets in

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House Appropriators, Federal workforce, Congress Debt Limit

The federal workforce is growing, as House appropriators consider agency spending cuts

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New strategy, A-123 update to help reduce improper payments

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Bob Tobias

Why long-term funding is what agencies need, yet what they worry about

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(AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)Congress,

Flurry of House activity on 2025 federal spending, but not much bipartisanship

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Amelia Brust/FNNFederal budget request concept

Policy riders to watch as House appropriators mark up 2025 spending bills

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Democrats warn layoffs ahead as House GOP proposes agency spending cuts

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