Network visibility in a modernized world

This week on Federal Tech Talk, Marlin McFate, CTO Public Sector at Riverbed Technology, joins host John Gilroy to talk about network visibility and the results...

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Marlin McFate, CTO Public Sector at Riverbed Technology, joined host John Gilroy on Federal Tech Talk to talk about network visibility and the results of a recent survey issued by his company.

Riverbed conducted a survey of IT professionals who had worked to keep their networks operating during the Covid-19 pandemic. The survey, released in October was called “Network Visibility in a Modernized World.”

Marlin McFate, Riverbed Technology

They had 200 responses from the federal IT community. The survey focused on people who were in the position to make decisions about technology questions. McFate notes that 93% of participants thought that greater network visibility increased network security.

In general, one can read the results and conclude that there is a surprising lack of agility in the entire federal ability to change systems.

McFate has years of experience in helping federal agencies make the transition to new models, like Software as a Service, or SasS. During the interview he talks about what methods must be undertaken before this kind of transition. Network visibility is important, of course, but a deeper understanding of the network dependencies will make for a smoother transfer.

In fact, Marlin has recently spoken about this topic at the Riverbed Global User Conference 2020. His presentations are available for a limited time so you can fill in the blanks before you engage in a transition to new systems.

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