Federal IT challenges when transitioning to the cloud

Willie Hicks, federal CTO at Dynatrace, joined host John Gilroy on this week's Federal Tech Talk to discuss a new survey that asked three hundred federal inform...

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After a decade of prodding and an adventure with COVID-19, it looks like the federal government is making the transition to the cloud. Dynatrace has surveyed 300 federal information technology professionals to talk about their challenges in moving to the cloud.

Willie Hicks is the federal CTO at Dynatrace. He joined host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk to discuss the survey and its findings. From an overview perspective, it looks like the cloud acceleration is taking place but the movement to artificial intelligence seems to be much slower to be adopted.

Willie Hicks, federal CTO, Dynatrace

Hicks thinks that users are not sure of the exact application for artificial intelligence. He states that observability of an entire system can be provided when artificial intelligence is used appropriately. This means that malicious code, like Log4Shell, can easily be identified and remediation can be begun.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is looking at moving over 300 apps to the cloud by 2024. Hicks is focused on this as an example of how to set priorities. He suggests that taking network visibility to the next level, which Dynatrace calls “observability,” will allow federal managers to automate systems. This automation will allow for around-the-clock awareness and control. This will reduce costs and improve awareness of malicious actors in federal networks.

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