Key procurement developments in 2022

Federal News Network Executive Editor Jason Miller joined host Roger Waldron on this week's Off the Shelf, to discuss the spring’s key procurement development...

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This week on Off the Shelf, Jason Miller, executive editor of Federal News Network, provided insights and analysis on the spring’s key procurement developments and the implications for government-wide contracting.

Jason Miller, executive editor, Federal News Network

Miller highlighted the recent decision by  the General Services Administration’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) not to apply the Section 876 to the Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) program. Section 876 authorizes GSA to award MAS contracts without having to negotiate fair and reasonable pricing, thereby leaving pricing to agency specific competitions at the task order level. The decision not to extend the authority to the MAS program is a missed opportunity that will especially impact small businesses and non-traditional commercial firms seeking to enter the federal market.

Miller also tackled GSA’s management of Economic Price Adjustments (EPAs) in response to current inflationary pressures and the impact on contractors.

Finally, Miller shared his thoughts on a host of issues, including the OFPP Administrator vacancy, new e-tools at GSA, suspension and debarment trends, and the shrinking industrial base.

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