Key trends in IT GWACs & eCommerce

Alan Thomas, chief operating officer at IntelliBridge, joins Off the Shelf for an in-depth discussion of key trends and developments impacting IT GWACs, MACs, Schedules, and eCommerce.

Thomas shares his thoughts regarding the current state of play with regard to GSA’s eCommerce pilot and the potential for a follow-on procurement. In particular, he discusses the status of GSA’s three eCommerce “models” and their potential role in a follow-on eCommerce contract program.

Alan Thomas, COO, Intellibridge

Thomas also comments on the potential eCommerce fit with the Schedules program. With the challenges continuing with NIH’s CIO-SP4 procurement and GSA’s revisions to POLARIS, the discussion turns to the role of IT GWACs and whether, as currently structured, they are meeting customer and industry expectations. The discussion turns to whether the blurring of lines between IT GWACs, Services MAC and Schedules is increasing performance costs and risks across government.

Finally, Thomas highlights the potential for a reorganization of FAS and the Technology Transformation Service.


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