• Stock market making you nervous?

    October, as it sometimes does, once again proved to be a scary month for folks invested in the stock market. We didn’t have a Black Friday circa 1929 event. And we are a long way…

  • Should you stick with the new, improved TSP?

    Uncle Sam’s in-house 401(k) plan is changing, big time. The question is, will federal investors stick with it when they retire or leave government?

  • The new, improved TSP: What does it mean for you?

    The Federal Government’s in-house 401(k) plan — the TSP — is changing. How will it affect you? Find out when financial Arthur Stein joins host Mike Causey on this week’s Your Turn radio show. December 13, 2017

  • Hatch cancels plan to end TSP catch-up contributions

    Sen. Orrin Hatch has dropped an amendment to a tax reform initiative restricting federal employees from making extra contributions to the retirement savings plans.

  • The monster in the closet is real

    The benefits-eating monster is real. And still out there. Just as you suspected.

  • ‘You should be outraged,’ Cardin says of federal pay and benefits proposals

    Though federal employees avoided $32 billion in potential cuts to the current retirement system in the 2018 budget resolution, Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) said he’s still keeping an eye on familiar proposals that lawmakers may tie to new tax reform policies.

  • Taking a big bite out of your TSP nest egg

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says 90 percent of the federal workforce will be hit hard if the GOP plan to trim contributions to 401(k) plans becomes law.

  • Feds’ retirement plan is ground zero

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey asks which of the long list of proposed changes to federal retirement is most likely to succeed.

  • Escaping retirement change: Can you beat the clock?

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says feds still have time — retirement changes aren’t set in stone (or legislation) yet.

  • When you retire, who handles your TSP account?

    If the Thrift Savings Plan is so good, why do roughly half of all investors take their money out of the TSP when they retire?