Mike Causey

It’s your estate, but who gets it?

There’s nothing like a once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic to focus one’s thinking. This year has been one for the the books.

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How the coronavirus stimulus bill covered federal workforce concerns

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Ben Cardin

‘You should be outraged,’ Cardin says of federal pay and benefits proposals

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Close up of female hands counting US dollar banknotes at the table in front a laptop computer. Woman accountant with money and notebook.

When you retire, who handles your TSP account?

If the Thrift Savings Plan is so good, why do roughly half of all investors take their money out of the TSP when they retire?

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The bumpy road to a million-dollar TSP account

There are three ways federal investors can join the million-dollar Thrift Savings Plan club. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says investing steadily produces…

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Mike Causey, Senior Correspondent, Federal News Radio

Lockheed Martin faces a class-action lawsuit against 120,000 employees for how it handles their 401(k) retirement plans. The case focuses on whether the company’s provider made the employees pay higher fees than they needed to and made bad investment decisions. Federal News Radio Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says there isn’t a direct connection between the Lockheed Martin case and federal employees. But he told Federal News Radio’s Sean McCalley they should pay attention to what happens afterward.

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