The new, improved TSP: What does it mean for you?

When they leave or retire from the government, just over half of Thrift Savings Plan participants move most or all of their TSP balances someplace else.

This despite the fact that the TSP has some of the lowest administrative fees in the business and is subject to oversight by the Treasury, the Labor Department and many if not most members of Congress — and their staffs — belong to the TSP and have keen interest in seeing it does well.

But now that Congress has authorized a modernization of the TSP, many suspect that it will be more attractive to feds when they leave or retire and that they will stick with it.

Financial planner Arthur Stein will explain why when he joins host Mike Causey on this week’s Your Turn.  He will also talk about  how the changes implemented under the  TSP Modernization Act will affect you.

You can listen live at or at 1500 AM in the D.C. area. If you have questions for Art Stein, send them to me before showtime at:

Your Turn with Mike Causey


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