GAOJason Bair, Government Accountability Office, GAO

State Department has work to do in terms of embassy construction, cybersecurity

In its latest look at how the State Department manages itself, the Government Accountability Office found State has made a lot of progress. Federal Drive…

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FILE - In a Friday, Sept. 29, 2017 file photo, staff stand within the United States embassy facility in Havana, Cuba. The terrifying attacks in Cuba overwhelmingly hit U.S. intelligence operatives in Havana, not ordinary diplomats, when they began within days of President Donald Trump’s election, The Associated Press has learned.  To date, the Trump administration largely described the victims as U.S. Embassy personnel or “members of the diplomatic community,” suggesting it was bona fide diplomats who were hit. That spies, working under diplomatic cover, comprised the majority of the early victims adds an entirely new element of mystery to what’s harmed at least 21 Americans over the last year.  (AP Photo/Desmond Boylan, File)

Years later, still unclear why US staff in Cuba, China experienced strange symptoms

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