Frank Wolf

  • Next pay raise: 2020, if you get lucky

    Unless Congress takes positive action there will be no January 2019 pay raise.

  • When your bosses are millionaires

    What’s it like to work for the world’s largest nonprofit whose top brass are mostly millionaires looking to cut your pay and pension?

  • Watchdog: Patent telework program invites abuse

    MATTHEW DALY Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — Thousands of federal patent workers are allowed to work from home with little supervision and face almost no discipline even if they lie about the hours they put…

  • NTEU looks for allies among freshmen members of Congress

    Now that the final votes have been counted in the 2014 midterm elections, Colleen Kelley, president of the National Treasury Employees Union, said she’s hoping that some new members will fight for the interests of government workers.

  • The way it was and the way it is on Capitol Hill

    Maryland Congressman Frank Wolf and Janet Kopenhaver with Federally Employed Women join host Mike Causey to talk about what’s ahead for Congress and feds. October 29, 2014

  • Parting shot from an old friend of feds

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey talks to an outgoing congressman who has been a loyal supporter of federal employees.

  • PTO’s telework troubles open new pothole in feds’ road to success

    The Patent and Trademark Office’s challenges demonstrate the need for the government to modernize its rules defining what it means to perform work. Experts say PTO’s challenges are part of the growing pains of telework.

  • NASA fixing security holes in oversight of foreign nationals

    Changes come in the wake of a NASA-commissioned report on the issue of foreign nationals’ access to sensitive information. The study, which has not been released to the public, found the agency had failed to establish a central management structure for those workers’ access to data and didn’t impose consequences when its policies were violated.

  • Virginia Rep. Moran to retire at the end of his term

    A staunch defender of federal employee issues will leave after 23 years in the House of Representatives.

  • Lawmakers in fed-heavy districts signal support for budget deal

    Lawmakers in districts with large constituencies of federal employees are signaling their support for the bipartisan budget deal announced Tuesday even though it would require new federal workers to contribute a greater share of their paychecks to their retirement benefits. The alternatives — another government shutdown or a second year of the steep across-the-board sequestration cuts — would have been worse, they argue.