• IRS advisory council returns focus to adequate funding for tax agency

    The council also wants the IRS to consider how it can help the agency in the future.

  • Potential tax reform will have hidden consequences: expert

    The Border Adjustment Tax needs to be better understood before it is debated, because it will affect small companies across the country, according to Joshua Baca of DDC Public Affairs.

  • Tammy Flanagan: Effects of FICA on federal employee refunds

    Many federal employees will discover in this year’s tax season that even if they received a pay raise, they will not keep all of it. Tammy Flanagan, a federal benefits expert from the National Institute of Transition Planning, joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin to talk about the effects of the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) on tax refunds.

  • Federal tax reform will be marquee fight in Washington this year

    Get set for tax reform to be the marquee battle pitting business interests against each other as they seek to protect their piece of the pie. Specifically, the border adjustment tax, a proposal that would make significant changes to the corporate tax structure.

  • TIGTA annual IT report: New year, same issues at IRS

    Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration says the Internal Revenue Service needs to work on strengthening the security of taxpayer information and employees if it wants a strong information technology program.

  • Treasury, DOJ, DHS joining forces to fight phone scams

    Dozens of people were arrested in relation to the phone scams, which targeted millions of people and resulted in more than 10,000 victims and hundreds of millions of dollars in stolen money.

  • Union chief: Staffing biggest challenge for IRS

    National Treasury Employees Union National President Tony Reardon says the IRS needs to be fully funded in fiscal 2017 so it can hire staff to keep up with an increasing workload.

  • Fiscal 2015 a record-setting year for IRS online apps

    Fiscal 2015 was a record-breaking year for the Internal Revenue Service, according to the tax agency’s Data Book. But it was also a year that marked a continued decline in funding for the agency, leading to shrinking numbers in its workforce and in the agency’s enforcement branch.

  • IRS chief: Agency will put federal funding ‘to good use’

    Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen warned that without adequate funding and a renewed hiring authority from Congress, the IRS is going to remain understaffed, less vigilant against tax fraud and at a higher risk of cyber attack.

  • IRS looking to strengthen IT, customer service in fiscal 2017

    IRS Commissioner John Koskinen pledged improved customer service, tougher enforcement and stronger cybersecurity for the agency as it looks for $11.8 billion in 2017 funding.