Romney blasts Obama, Washington ‘bureaucrats’

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney criticized President Obama and \"thousands and thousands\" of federal workers, for creating an attack on free ente...

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney expressed his concern over an attack on free enterprise and economic freedom being perpetrated by President Barack Obama and “the thousands upon thousands of bureaucrats that work in Washington.”

The former Massachusetts governor made the remarks Monday during a campaign stop in San Diego.

“During the President’s term, so far, he has added 140,000 more government workers,” Romney said. “Not only do we have to pay for them, but they have to do something every day. So they look at things that they can do, places that they can interfere.”

As an example of thay interference, Romney pointed to the work of the Food and Drug Administration, which reviews the safety and effectiveness of drugs and medical devices, and the long delays that sometimes occur in approving products for public use.

View CNN’s video of the speech in San Diego below, courtesy of The Raw Story.

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