Federal Drive Show Blog – December 16, 2013

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Today’s Interviews:

Tom Day
Chief Sustainability Officer
United States Postal Service

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The Postal Service has learned a lot about recycling. Now it wants to extend that expertise to help the entire federal government dispose of electronics in such a way that hazardous materials don’t make their way into the environment. Tom Day is the USPS chief sustainability officer. He discusses the BlueEarth Federal Recycling Program.

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Michele Mackin
Director of Acquisition and Sourcing Management Issues
Government Accountability Office

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A new report by the Government Accountability Office says agencies aren’t seeing much competition or savings from reverse auctions. Sometimes agencies end up paying two fees — one to use the contract and one to use the contractor’s services. Michele Mackin provides guidance. She’s the director of acquisition and sourcing management issues at GAO.

Art Stein
Certified Financial Planner and Investment Manager

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The new budget deal has a range of impacts on federal employees and their paychecks. Current feds dodged a bullet with pension increases, but will things get worse later on? Art Stein is a certified financial planner and investment manager.

Jason Miller
Executive Editor
Federal News Radio

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More than two dozen vendors are protesting the Homeland Security Department’s awards under its EAGLE II IT services contract. DHS decided not to pick many of the large vendors with household names to be part of its $22 billion contract. Federal News Radio’s executive editor, Jason Miller, has details on the protests.

Jared Serbu
DoD Reporter
Federal News Radio

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The Air Force says the budget agreement the House voted on should help solve some of the service’s short-term military readiness problems. Even with a moderate reprieve from sequestration, the service is warning Congress that it’s going to have to make some politically unpopular cutbacks. Details from Federal News Radio’s DoD reporter, Jared Serbu.

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