VA partners with GE to improve 3D technologies

The Department of Veterans Affairs' systems aren’t purpose-built for 3D modeling in the medical field, but a new partnership with GE aims to change that.

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3D technologies have been a subject of interest for the Department of Veterans Affairs’ medical system for a long time. First came the transition from 2D to advanced 3D modeling on computer screens. Next, VA started to move those models into the physical world, with 3D printed models that clinicians can hold in their hands.

But the systems it’s been using aren’t purpose-built for the medical field, and a new partnership with General Electric Healthcare aims to change that. Under the agreement, GE is providing 3D printing workstations designed for health care, and VA is offering its expertise to help improve the system.

Beth Ripley, a Seattle-based radiologist and chair of thee Veterans Health Administration’s 3D Printing Committee, talked with Federal News Network’s Jared Serbu on Federal Drive with Tom Temin about the promise VA sees in 3D technologies.

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