Program launched to help recruit 11,000 new federal IT workers

The Partnership for Public Service\' new \"FedRecruit: IT Pilot Program\" focuses on entry-level recruitment, hiring, and retention in information technology. T...

By Emily Jarvis
Internet Editor

The unemployment rate doesn’t seem to be getting better any time soon. So, if you are out there and still looking for a job, the federal government may be your answer.

In early September we told you about the Where the Jobs Are report which showed the federal government would be looking to fill 11,000 technology jobs over the next 3 years.

But now the Partnership for Public Service, who conducted the report, is taking the job hunt one step further.

Their new “FedRecruit: IT Pilot Program” focuses on entry-level recruitment, hiring, and retention in information technology.

The program, which is in it’s second year, could now help agencies meet its 11,000 technology job quota.

“We are working with a handful of agencies to help them improve their recruiting, hiring, and retention of entry level IT professionals,” said Tim McManus the Vice President of Education and Outreach, with the Partnership for Public Service on the Daily Debrief with Amy Morris and Chris Dorobek.

But why the push for IT workers?

“In 2012 there will be roughly 17,000 tech workers that will be eligible for retirement. Right now the average age of a tech worker is 48,” said McManus.

The pilot program works by bringing together agencies in need with coaches and mentors from both the public and private sectors.

“We bring agencies together with someone who has walked in their shoes. They share what did and didn’t work,” said McManus.

According to McManus the exchange between the two groups creates a “collaborative atmosphere.”

The program is a three part deal. “Our initial push was in acquisitions now in the second year we are moving into the IT profession and the final phase will deal with nursing and public health officials. It’s a three-pronged approach,” said McManus.

If you are an agency in need, or looking to be one of those 11,000 new hires, McManus directs you to the Fed IT Pilot page on the PPS website.

And for those of you wannabe feds who are looking for a little thrill then check out the the Frederick County Job Fair, where the CIA is signing up recruits. The CIA is looking this month to bring in talent nearly 100 miles from the nation’s capital in Frederick County, Virginia.

Virginia Rep. Frank Wolf is hosting the event. He says more than 20 agencies along with the CIA will have booths at the job fair.

The event will be held Monday, Oct. 19. For registration and more information click here.

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