DorobekINSIDER: Week in review: June 13-19 — telework, pay freeze, and salaries

What stories made news for the week of June 13-19?

Here are the most read stories across Federal News Radio 1500 AM … on the … for Mike Causey’s Federal Report… on the Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Amy Morris… and for

…from the

  1. Government still faces numerous teleworking challenges
  2. Obama orders cuts in federal building costs
  3. How to get your TSP questions answered
  4. DOJ sues Oracle for alleged overcharging
  5. How to create the best federal cybersecurity workforce
  6. Agencies to compile ‘do not pay list’
  7. Agencies to crack down on waste, fraud, abuse
  8. Google Apps could help agencies move to the cloud
  9. Are Katrina/Deepwater comparisons appropriate?
  10. Report endorses pay for performance for Intel community
  11. Dorobek Must Reads – June 11
  12. Military Health System works out e-record kinks
  13. Dorobek Must Reads – June 17
  14. Web inventor discusses importance of open data
  15. Rep. Towns supports MMS restructuring
  16. Dorobek Must Reads – June 14
  17. How to get more minorities, women to participate in TSP
  18. What the cuts in federal building costs really mean
  19. Analysis: New cybersecurity bill promises big changes
  20. GAO: Collaboration is important for national security
  21. DHS requires agencies to provide network monitoring data
  22. U.S. electrical grid faces cybersecurity challenges
  23. House members support Senate cyber bill
  24. Dorobek Must Reads – June 15
  25. Why there’s still worry about the Conficker worm
  26. Is blaming the MMS really fair?
  27. Analysis: SCOTUS upholds ‘sexy text’ search
  28. DorobekINSIDER: Most read on Federal News Radio 1500 AM: June 6-12
  29. Learn all about the new Good News Czar
  30. Worldwide cybersecurity framework needed
  31. DoD: Improvements coming soon for health e-records
  32. Dorobek Must Reads – June 16
  33. How to improve the leadership skills of executives
  34. American man in custody after plot to kill bin Laden fails
  35. Agencies must justify non-competitive contracts
  36. Hiring reforms could mean big changes for veterans
  37. Senate cybersecurity bill: one step closer to passing
  38. Enterprises need to be proactive in cyber war
  39. Friday Fun Day: Plan to go to the National Harbor
  40. Most TSP funds suffer losses in May
  41. Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn launches new museum tour app
  42. Chances good for passage of TSP/annual leave bill
  43. U.S. agencies now collaborate to fight drug cartels
  44. DorobekINSIDER: Is cybersecurity over-hyped?
  45. Preview: Your monthly TSP Snapshot
  46. A look at the level of technology in federal offices
  47. House committee examines SBINet success
  48. Should feds be allowed to telework from anywhere?
  49. House says cybersecurity threat worse than it thought

… for Mike Causey’s Federal Report

  1. Pay Freeze? We Need To Talk
  2. Pay Freeze: Everybody in the Pool!
  3. The Smartest Fed Investors Work For…
  4. The $3 Million G-Man
  5. Time is Running Out for FEHBP Dependents
  6. Federal Pay Freeze: A November Surprise?
  7. Travel, Training, Hiring Hit List
  8. Good Son of NSPS or Bride of Frankenstein
  9. TSP Millionaires & Record Rollovers
  10. NSPS Express: Train Wreck or Rest Stop?

… on the Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Amy Morris

  1. Cyberthreat of Joe Biden leads to arrest
  2. Monday Morning Federal Newscast – June 14th
  3. Friday Morning Federal Newscast – June 18th
  4. Federal retirees should consider the Roth IRA
  5. How to succeed in the SES
  6. Tuesday Morning Federal Newscast – June 15th
  7. OMB redefines performance expectations
  8. GAO: Agency rules allow conferences at resort locations
  9. Thursday Morning Federal Newscast – June 17th
  10. GPO reassures your passport is secure
  11. NSPS move cuts raises of the ‘best and brightest’
  12. Wednesday Morning Federal Newscast – June 16th
  13. Agencies allow conferences at resort locations
  14. How to translate language skills into success
  15. USPTO turns to Google for help with TMI
  16. The ten biggest errors federal employees make, pt. 2
  17. ‘Shady’ porn site practices pose cyber risks
  18. DLA and FEMA prepare for hurricane season
  19. U.S. seeks allies in battle against cyber warfare
  20. Friday Morning Federal Newscast – June 11th

… and from

  1. OPM wants to settle the fed salary debate
  2. Federal pay freeze proposal defeated
  3. GSA plans to take e-mail, collaboration to the cloud
  4. OPM freezes transfer of employee files, for now
  5. Navy CIO Carey leaving
  6. OMB pressing agencies to get IT projects on track
  7. House bill would require manager training at all agencies
  8. Air Force saves cash by changing cell phone rate plans
  9. DoD shows off health IT progress
  10. OMB preparing performance management dashboard
  11. Support snowballs early for Senate cyber bill
  12. Exclusive: OMB to propose major changes to financial management systems
  13. Bill would put DHS in charge of all civilian networks
  14. VA tries to speed claims processing for vets
  15. Cybersecurity bill gets first Senate hearing
  16. Telework success depends on clear expectations
  17. DHS women convene inaugural diversity forum
  18. Senate’s newest cyber bill on fast track to passage
  19. Critical tests to decide future of DHS’s virtual fence
  20. Feds lead Smart Grid development effort
  21. White House tells agencies to use data analysis to reduce improper payments
  22. Task force seeks comments on small business contracting
  23. HHS creates process to certify health IT systems
  24. NTEU slams federal pay freeze
  25. HUD embraces Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  26. NIH faces economic strains in 2011
  27. Hearing offers suggestions for reducing Medicare waste, fraud
  28. No federal pay freeze for now
  29. Federal News Radio Reports
  30. CIS upgrading E-Verify Web site
  31. Feds lead smart grid development effort
  32. Mobile apps, TechStat lead OMB’s IT evolution
  33. VA reaping rewards from IT oversight
  34. OMB must sell Congress on budget cuts
  35. Section: WFED Stories
  36. Executive Order seals OPM hiring reforms
  37. OMB finally details broad management doctrine
  38. SBA CIO Naylor resigns
  39. OPM tests letting feds work without a schedule
  40. TSP Snapshot: What goes up does go down
  41. GSA SLAMs its IT modernization project
  42. White House asks agencies to cut spending by 5 percent
  43. GOP lawmakers pitch fed workforce reduction bill
  44. House lawmakers uneasy about hiring reforms
  45. GSA reissues RFQ for cloud computing
  46. OPM to test new employee health services
  47. OPM proposes changes to management of personnel files
  48. OMB’s Werfel lays out new plan to follow agency money
  49. DoD vows to become a leaner organization
  50. FISMA’s facelift focuses on four areas, for now

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