Federal IT services during COVID-19

Jennifer Felix, president and CEO at ASRC Federal, joins host John Gilroy on this week's Federal Tech Talk to discuss how her company is helping federal agencie...

This week on Federal Tech Talk, host John Gilroy interviews Jennifer Felix, president & CEO at ASRC Federal. She will give a perspective on how to provide information technology services to the federal government during a crisis like COVID.

Felix begins the interview by delineating the difference between digital operations and IT modernization during COVID. During these times teams have had to communicate in virtual meetings. She suggests that this has helped by its immediacy. With face-to-face meetings there could be delays and lack of participation from all parties.

Jennifer Felix, president & CEO, ASRC Federal

ASRC Federal operates in many areas of federal IT, everything from NASA to the Veterans’ Administration. The VA has had an issue with communication with the DoD for decades.

We have seen reports of thousands of veterans with incredible wait times. During the interview, Felix explains how her company managed to get a handle on the complex nature of transferring personal information from the DoD to the Veterans’ Administration.

Federal IT leaders are encouraged to use agile development processes. IT always seems to work on small projects and has trouble the larger the system. The federal government is plagued with enormous IT challenges where the agile methodology is difficult to apply. ASRC Federal has achieved a Gold Partnership with Scaled Agile. This is a process where the size of a project is taken into consideration when applying the agile methodology.

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